Secretarial Services

Secretariate-Services-PicSecretarial Services are essential for Secretarial Compliance failing which stringent penalties are imposed under the provisions of Companies Act and LLP Act.

Within the company, secretarial compliances imply the adherence of the process and procedures designed under the Companies Act and Rules while carrying out a particular change. For eg. Appointment / Resignation of Directors, Increase of Authorised Capital and Issue of further shares etc.

At SKPT & Co. we offer you with a complete range of Corporate Secretarial Compliance for your company which inter-alia includes the following:

•  Drafting of Agenda, Resolutions, and Notice & Minutes of various meetings of the Company.
•  Maintenance of statutory registers & other records as required under the Companies Act
Compliance related filing of returns / documents with the office of Registrar of Companies can be broadly classified in two categories;

1. Annual Statutory Compliances

2. Event Based Compliances


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