Project Financing And Loan Syndication/Funding

Project-Financing-PicProject finance is the long-term financing of infrastructure and industrial projects based upon the projected cash flows of the project. It is supported by a project report or financial modelling of the project.

Loan Syndication is a process of involving several different lenders in providing various portions of a loan. Mainly used in extremely large loan situations, syndication allows any one lender to provide a large loan while maintaining a more prudent and manageable credit exposure because the lender isn't the only creditor.

Adequate financial arrangement is the need of every business entity. Any entrepreneur should make an in-depth analysis before opting for fresh/ additional finance. We, at SKPT & Co. strive to provide the best financing solutions to obtain fund based loans or non-fund based credit facilities viz, Letter of Credit, Bank Guarantee from Banks/ Financial Institutions and Loan Syndication. The Rate of interest and other credit facilities are generally based on Viability of the Project, Credibility of Borrower, Credit Rating, Risk Factor etc.


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